Theme, aims & topics

General theme

The conference theme will span across a broad range of issues addressing "Multi-risk analysis in a global world" . The SRA-E Executive Committee welcomes abstracts for oral and symposium presentations at the conference.

It to provide a forum for traditional SRA themes such as risk identification, quantification and mitigation, risk perception and communication, policy making and legislation, as well as opening up for new risk-related topics. The conference aims to facilitate interaction among all players in the risk field: risk experts from all disciplines, and risk stakeholders as policy makers, the private sector, NGOs and other interest groups.

Specific topics

In addition to the usual topics, presentations in the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • Multi-risk analysis: Issues here include identification and analysis of complex systems where risks are combined and where the implementation of risk reduction measures can generate new unexpected risks.
  • Disaster risk management and natural hazards: Global warming and population growth has increased disaster risk. This theme addresses the role of modern technology and risk management in keeping individuals safe from natural and man-made disasters.
  • Emerging public health threats: Recent history has witnessed a number of outbreaks of hitherto unknown human diseases. This theme focuses on the global nature of these threats and the need for collaborative responses.
  • Perceiving and communicating risk: Effectively communicating risk remains a challenge. There are huge variations between publics in their appreciations of risk; traditional and social media highlight differences in expert opinions, news travels faster than ever. This theme focuses on understanding the role that these and other such factors play.
  • Governance, dialogue and engagement: There are many risk issues that need to be resolved. This theme focuses on the role of dialogue and engagement in achieving agreement on risk acceptability and even in defining and assessing risk.