SRA Europe Scholarships 2011

We are pleased to announce two SRA-Europe Conference Scholarships each worth €500.

Students wishing to apply for a Scholarship are required to submit:

  1. a standard abstract, by 10th January 2011, following the procedure for the submission of abstracts, and

  2. an application to the Awards Committee consisting of:

o    An extended abstract (up to 800 words)
o    A short CV (no more than 1 side A4)
o    A description of their motivation for wishing to attend the conference
o    A letter of support from their supervisor

This information should be sent to [email protected], also by 10th January 2011. Only 2 documents should be sent: one containing 1-3 above with the letter from the student’s supervisor in the other. The email subject line should read: SRA Europe conference scholarships.

The applications will be assessed by an Awards Committee. Each application will be rated for (1) quality of research; (2) relevance to interests of SRA-E *; and (3) motivation for application. The successful candidates will be required to submit proof of their student status before the award can be made.

*risk assessment, risk characterisation, risk perception and communication, risk management, and risk governance