Conference concept and activities

The SRA Europe conference will start on Sunday evening June 5th with a Get Together Drink. Registered participants are invited to join this Get Together Drink taking place from 17:30 to 18:30 hrs at the Restaurant Amadeus in Stuttgart. This restaurant is close to the Schlossplatz in the center of Stuttgart. 

The opening ceremony of SRAE conference will be on Monday June 6th morning with a plenary session with keynote presentations and discussions. Then, SRAE delegates will split to attend parallel sessions including oral papers, round table discussions and symposia reflecting particular themes of interest. SRAE conference will last through until Wednesday June 8h, 15.00 (CET)

The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday 7th evening, providing the delegates with an opportunity to enjoy the special taste of Swabian cuisine and wine, and to mix with delegates with iNTeg-Risk conference.

The iNTeg-Risk conference addresses the same topic, highlighting it more from an application and project-related side. iNTeg-Risk's main conference will be on June 7-8. The 2 conferences will be run in parallel with a common plenary meetings on Wednesday. In addition, delegates from SRAE will have the possibility to attend iNTeg-Risk sessions and vice-versa.

The conference language is English.