Aims of the Iberian Chapter

(a) Promote risk research and knowledge and understanding of risk analysis techniques within the Iberian countries and their autonomous regions. The Iberian countries include: Spain, Portugal, and Andorra.

(b) Identify and address specifically issues common to Iberian countries in the field of risk, to promote debate, and to motivate decision-makers upon the usefulness of risk research, critical analyses and risk analysis in dealing with such issues.

(c) Act as a focal point for communication with risk researchers and analysts in other parts of the world.

(d) Facilitate exchanges of information and opinion between professionals in industry, government, universities, research institutes, and consultancies, with the aim of furthering research and improving the practical application of risk analysis and risk management.

(e) Convene and promote scientific and educational meetings on risk research, risk analysis and risk management in the Iberian countries.


The SRA-E: IBERIAN will seek to foster and promote:

(a) Knowledge and understanding of risk analysis techniques and their applications.

(b) Communication and interaction among individuals engaged in risk analysis.

(c) Application of risk analysis and risk management techniques to the hazards and risks to which individuals and populations are exposed.

(d) Advancement of the state-of-the-art in all aspect of risk analysis.

(e) Integration and interaction of the various disciplines involved in risk analysis.