1st SRA-E Iberian meeting 2018, Toledo, Spain

The first meeting and general assembly of the chapter "INTERDISCIPLINARITY IN PRACTICE AND IN RESEARCH ON SOCIETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: JOINT PATHS TOWARDS RISK ANALYSIS" was held September 6-7, 2018 inToledo, Spain. Organized by University of Castilla-La Mancha, it took place at Centro Cultural San Clemente (Diputacion Provincial de Toledo).

The official webpage can be consulted by clicking here and the panflet here.


Highlights from the 2018 meeting:

The meeting had two plenary sessions with two keynote speakers:

José Manuel Mendes, who discussed the impact of forest fires on communities and the role of lived experiences in Portugal, folowing from the June and October 2017 fires which took the lives of 112 people in total.

Gerardo Herrera, who presented the challenges linked to the EuroGeoSurveys strategy for landslide risk reduction and the need for share methodologies and shared data, to increase effectiveness in landslide risk prevention and mitigation. 


Three parallel workshops also took place:

  1. “The discursive politics of climate change: risk, power and opportunities for democratization” by Anabela Carvalho
  2. “¿Por qué lo llaman riesgo cuando sólo analizan peligrosidad?” by Andrés Diez Herrero
  3. “Riesgos intrínsecos, no contemplados durante el proceso constructivo, desde una perspectiva de género” by Antonio Ros Serrano and Mario Sanz-López.


Fourty-one communications were presented in poster platform format, with two posters being awarded  as“Best Poster” through the meeting participants voting:

  • Observing Emotional States to Evaluate Psychosocial Risk in Construction Environments, by Antonio José Carpio de los Pinos (Universidad de Castilla-La mancha); Maria de las Nieves González García (universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and Carmen Carpio de los Pinos (Universidad de Castilla-La mancha).
  • Forest Fires as A New Form of “Terrorism”? Criminal Responses to A Non-Existent Problem, by Beatriz López Lorca; José María Martínez Navarro; Francisco Javier de León Villalba; Susana Beatriz Díaz Ruíz (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha. GIS: Grupo de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales. Gestión integral del fuego).


Photographs from the event, including plenary sessions, workshops, poster awards winners, social programme and others, can be seen below.