2nd SRA-E Iberian meeting 2019, Coimbra, Portugal

Citizens' Commitment in Risk Governance: From Inaction to Co-Decision

The Second annual meeting of SRA - Europe - Iberian Chapter took place at Coimbra, Portugal, September 5-6, organized by José Manuel Mendes (FEUC/CES), Alexandre Tavares (FCTUC/CES) and Alexandra Aragão (FDUC).

We encouraged the submission of Posters until June 15. Electronic submission form: https://ces.uc.pt/pt/agenda-noticias/agenda-de-eventos/2019/citizens-commitment-in-risk-governance/submissao-de-posters

We also had “PechaKucha” presentations for PhD students (deadline June 15 also). Electronic submission form:https://ces.uc.pt/pt/agenda-noticias/agenda-de-eventos/2019/citizens-commitment-in-risk-governance/apresentacoes-pechakucha

Please consult all other information about the event (Keynote speakers, roundtable, workshops) here:


Any enquiries please contact Inês Costa (inescosta@ces.uc.pt) and/or Francisco Freitas (ff@datadive.eu )


We hope you enjoyed Coimbra!

Highlights from the meeting

The meeting had two plenary sessions:

- Environmental communication as a pre-condition for public participation, by Sofia Guedes Vaz

- Self-protection and citizen collaboration in Floods Emergency Plans, by Elena Martínez Bravo


a round table on Citizens' Commitment in Risk Governance:

- Moderator: Alexandre Tavares

- Participants: Alexandra Aragão, Sofia Guedes Vaz, Juan Martínez-Torvisco e José Manuel Palma-Oliveira


 … three parallel workshops:

- Earthquakes and Fires: Appropriate Responses to Emergencies in Universities by Margarida Queirós and Ângela Santos

- Risk Communication: Identifying Needs and Strategies from Risk Perceptions by Maria Luísa Lima and Sílvia Luís

- Self-protection and citizen collaboration in Floods Emergency Plans by Elena Martínez Bravo (INCLAM)


 … and poster platform and pechakucha sessions, with three posters being awarded “Best Poster” and one pechakucha being awarded “Best Pechakucha”:

- Analysing the social network around the Duero river: A study based on stakeholders’ perspective. Poster by Laura Muñoz, Leticia BlázquezJose M. BodoqueJuan A. GarcíaMaría AmerigoFernando Talayero, and Raquel Pérez-Lopez

- Evaluation of extreme events as challenges or threats to cope with: Social media as a data source for stress measurement. Poster by Rui Gaspar, Cláudia Simão, Ana Rita Farias, Samuel Domingos, Sandra Mateus,and Inês Duarte

- Risk representation and law-breaking driving behaviours: The role of social norms and driver role-identity. Poster by Carla Mouro and Patrícia Arriaga.

- Breaking the cycle of poverty: microinsurance and natural catastrophes. Pechakucha by Letícia Gonçalves


A statement of the development goals in risk governance was also set. You can find it here.


Photographs from the event can be seen below.

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