SRA-E 2023 Panel discussions

The following panel discussions will take place:


Climate adaptation and sustainability

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Complexity, uncertainty and common sense

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Does risk analysis have a future in Europe?


Compared to twenty years ago, there seems to be less risk research being funded in Europe today. A reason might be the lack of replacement of retired senior risk professors with new talents. As a result, countries that had been at the forefront of risk research such as Sweden and to a certain extent the Netherlands had arguably lost their competitive edge. At the same time, there is a concern that several regulations coming out of Europe are not rooted in risk science. The European Green Deal is one such body of regulation that is very much based on hazard classifications and precautionary thinking. Is there a future for risk analysis in Europe? Is risk research actually in decline, or could it be that risk science is hidden in other types of research? In this round table, panellists will provide 5-10 minute interventions discussing their concerns about whether risk analysis has a future in Europe or not, by covering a wide range of risks and disciplines across all European regions.

Moderator: Ragnar Löfstedt

Panel members: to be communicated