SRA-E 2021 Awardees

We are pleased to announce winners of an SRA-Europe Conference Scholarship 2021, the Ortwin Renn Prize for Applied Risk Research and the best poster award.

The Conference Studentship Scholarship has been awarded to:

  • Kim Buchmüller, ETH Zürich, Consumer Behavior group (Switzerland)

    Kim received her award for the presentation: 

    Kim Buchmüller:
    Perception of Chemical Household Products and their Risks


Two presentation have been awarded the Ortwin Renn Prize for Applied Risk Research. The recipients were:

  • Anna Fokaefs, Harokopio University of Athens, and Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens, Athens, Greece

    Anna's award winning presentation was:

    Anna Fokaes:
    Seismic Crisis Communication in Greece and Japan: Facts versus Perceptions

  • Samuel Filip Pereira Domingos, William James Center for Research, ISPA, Lisboa, (Portugal)

    Samuel's award winning presentation was:

    Samuel Domingos:
    Strategies for communicating inherently uncertain climate information: Results from a systematic review


The best poster award sponsored by the Aalto Networking Platform was given to

  • Mathilde de Goër de Herve, Risk and Environmental Studies, Karlstad University, Karlstad (Sweden)

    Mathilde received her award for the poster: 

    Mathilde de Goër de Herve
    Risk Justice and the People, Nature, Place and Time: A theoretical framework for fairness considerations in sustainable risk management


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