Getting to Maastricht

From Schiphol Airport to Maastricht

If you arrive at Amsterdam airport, the easiest way to get to Maastricht is to take the train. Schiphol train station is situated directly below the airport. You can pick up a free baggage trolley from the platform. Via Schiphol Plaza you can walk straight to from the arrival hall to the train station. 
Trains depart for Maastricht twice an hour. Travel time is approximately 2.45 hours. The last train to Maastricht leaves Schiphol at 22.15 hours.

Train tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza or from the ticket offices, which are situated close to the red/white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. 
At the major train stations, including Schiphol and Maastricht, is it possible to pay by credit card at the NS ticket machine. Credit cards are also accepted at all Tickets & Service desks. Bank cards that are valid within the EU, can be used at any NS ticket machine as well as at the NS Tickets& Service desks.

Good to know: This is the sign of the NS (the Dutch train company):  


The public transportation system in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the public transportation runs electronic smart cards. There are several ticket options. (

a) the single-use chip card

If you are NOT planning on travelling a great deal in the Netherlands, the single-use chip card is the best option. This is a paper ticket that contains a chip inside. This paper chip card can be purchased from an NS ticket machine or a Tickets & Service desk, and is valid for all train operators. You do not have to add any credit to this card!

When you purchase a single-use chip card you always pay the full fare. There is a € 1 supplement on single journeys, return tickets, and day travel cards to cover the additional costs of the card.
If you want to travel by bus, please bring enough cash with you (between €3 and €5 per ride). 

Important: When you travel with a single-use chip card you must check in and out with each train operator through the gates or posts!

If you decide to buy a paper card, buy a one way ticket ("enkele reis") to Maastricht Central Station. Intercity trains are faster than local trains ("stoptrein" or "sprinter"). When in doubt, you can always ask someone at the ticket office. You will soon notice that almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English fairly well. For journey advice and time tables you can check: 

b) the OV-chip card

If you plan to travel in the Netherlands a great deal, you can buy an anonymous transportation card (OV-chip card). The OV-chip card is the public transport smartcard that is used as a ticket for all public transportation in the Netherlands. The same card allows you to travel on the train, tram, bus and metro. The OV-chip card is usually more convenient if you are staying in the Netherlands for a longer period. You use this card to check in for each mode of transport as you depart and to check out again when you arrive.

There are two options to obtain this OV-chip card. 
1.    At the NS service desk (central hall Schiphol)
2.    At one of the yellow vending machines available at all train stations in the country. These vending machines are also available at the Schiphol train station.
Sales points are indicated by the pink OV-chip card logo.

The card itself costs € 7,50. Each person has to buy his/her own card, since it is not allowed (and not possible) to check in several persons with 1 card. 

If you have bought an OV- chip card at an NS service desk or an NS ticket machine you will be able to use it immediately for your NS train journeys. All you have to do is to add credit to the balance on your card and check in before starting your train journey. 
If you have bought an OV- chip card from another public transport operator you have to activate the OV-chip card at an NS ticket machine by adding credit to its credit balance. You can then also choose whether you want to travel first or second class. You can do that this at an NS ticket machine at the station. 

The minimum boarding fee for travelling with the OV-chip card is € 20. If you have a bank card that is valid within the EU, you can top up the credit balance at any NS ticket machine as well as at NS Tickets& Service desks. At the service desk on most train stations, it is also possible to pay with by credit card.

From Brussels Airport to Maastricht 

If you are arriving at Brussels airport you can choose between an airport pickup service, or travelling by train.

  • Airport pick up service Brussels. A one way pick up from Brussels Airport (‘Zaventem’) costs about € 95 (euro) for one car. Depending on how many people fit in the car/van you can split the costs. Make sure to tell them how much luggage you have as well as with how many people you travel. You can pay cash or with Visa.

  • Airport Service Patrick. The company offers an airport shuttle for € 80 per person. It can happen that they might have to drop off people at different addresses. Depending on how many people fit in the car/van you can split the costs. Make sure to tell them how much luggage you have as well as with how many people you travel. You can only pay cash.

  • The cheapest option is to take a train to Maastricht. There is a train station in the basement of Brussels airport; level -1, just follow the signs. You can buy a ticket to Maastricht there and you can ask for a printed itinerary. Be aware of the fact you have to change trains at least two times. For more information, look at the website of the Belgian Railways: 

From London / Paris to Maastricht 

If you are coming from London, you take the Eurostar to Brussels, followed by a train to Liege and to Maastricht. If you are coming from Paris, you take the Thalys train to Liege, and take a train to Maastricht from there. 

From Central Station Maastricht to Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

There are several options to go from the central train station to the conference venue:

  • Taxi: when you exit the train station you’ll find taxis at your left side. Price is between 8-10 Euro.
  • Taxi Frenske; Phone +31 43 3636362
  • Taxi Service Maastricht, Phone +31 43 2606666
  • Bus: When you exit the train station you’ll find buses at your right side. Unfortunately there is no stop in front of our faculty. The following busses take you to the Bouillonstraat line 3 (direction Wolder) and Line 4 (direction Villapark).Tickets can be bought at the driver. If you want to travel by bus, please bring enough cash with you (between €3 and €5 per ride ).
  • Walking: You can walk to the venue in about 15 minutes.

A = Station
B = Parallel sessions = Law Faculty (Bouillonstraat 1-3) 
C = Plenary sessions = Minderbroedersberg 4-6