Establishment of a Nordic chapter

SRA-E: NORDIC is a regional chapter of the Society for Risk Analysis - Europe. The Nordic chapter of SRA Europe is meant to be a node for networking between risk researchers and between risk research and policy makers and other decision makers in the Nordic and the Baltic countries. 

The Nordic chapter shares the aim with SRA Europe which is “to bring together individuals and organisations interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in Europe”. More specifically the SRA-E: NORDIC will promote risk research and knowledge and understanding of risk analysis techniques. This can be to identify and address specifically Nordic and Baltic issues in the field of risk, to promote debate, and facilitate exchanges of information and opinion between professionals in industry, government, universities, research institutes, and consultancies.

It has the ambition to convene and promote scientific and educational meetings on risk research, risk analysis and risk management in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The Nordic Chapter welcomes a broad range of risk research from different disciplines.

Any member of SRA-Europe in the region - Denmark (incl. Greenland), Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden - is automatically a member of SRA-E Nordic. Those outside the region who have an interest are welcome to join if they wish to be part of SRA-E Nordic. 

The statutes of SRA-E: NORDIC are available HERE