Join SRA Europe

Membership of SRA-Europe will:

  • Keep you in touch with the latest research and practice, nationally and internationally; help you to become familiar with national and international policies on risk analysis;
  • Enable you to network and exchange ideas with professionals working on all aspects of risk.

Individual members of government departments at all levels, small and large businesses, industry, academic institutions, public and private associations/societies, and consultants will benefit from membership of SRA-E.

An expanding range of professional skills is being applied to risk analysis, with contributions for example from:

  • engineers
  • policy analysts
  • policy makers and risk regulators
  • safety officers
  • natural and physical scientists
  • legal experts
  • social scientists
  • medical and public health experts
  • toxicologists
  • environmental scientists
  • decision analysts
  • computer scientists
  • spatial and development planners
  • ...

Full membership of SRA-Europe may be extended to include membership of the international Society for Risk Analysis, founded in 1981, with over 2000 members world wide. SRA-Europe is autonomous from SRA but shares its overall aims and goals.

Within SRA-E, national and regional Chapters or other specialty groups can be set up in response to the needs of members. Members of SRA-Europe that live/work within chapter regions, are automatically members of those chapters. Members who do not live/work there, may also apply to be chapter members, by contacting the Chapter President or person of contact.

All SRA-E members are intitled to member discounts in the registration for annual SRA-E conferences and have the opportunity to subscribe at a reduced rate to the Journal of Risk Research. Members will also receive news of events and conferences in Europe and world wide. SRA-E members who are also SRA members, receive the journal Risk Analysis for free and are entitled to discounts at the SRA Annual Conference in the USA.


Membership applications:

SRA Europe membership applications can be made online, through the website of the Society for Risk Analysis in the United States ( To do so, click HERE. Go to the bottom of the page and click "become a member". 

To become a member of SRA Europe you need to check the box “SRA Europe” under Regional Organisations.


Members only area:

In order to gain access to the information that is privileged to SRA-Europe members, available within the website's member area, please send a request to the SRA-Europe Communications Officer Rui Gaspar rgaspar [at] to apply for a registration. 

Please mind that it may take a while before you are registered. 

Depending on your email program, contacts sent through the website might end up in your spambox. Please check it regularly.