Board members of SRA-Europe

The affairs of SRA-E are conducted by a board (previously called Executive Committee), comprising eight full members and a co-opted member, each elected for five years.

The current members are:

Seda Kundak
kundak [at]

Frederic Bouder
President-elect, Councillor to SRA
frederic.bouder [at]

Jamie Wardman
jamiewardman [at]

Pia-Johanna Schweizer
Treasurer, Conference organizer 2019
pia-johanna.schweizer [at]

Rui Gaspar
Communications Officer
rgaspar [at]

Anna Olofsson
Conference organiser 2018
Anna.Olofsson [at]

Nicola Paltrinieri
Member at large
nicola.paltrinieri [at]

Kalliopi Sapountzaki
Member at large
sapountz [at]

Pierre Bentata
Co-opted member
pierre.bentata [at]


Website and Secretariat for Membership and Administration contact.

Margôt Kuttschreuter
Website admin and SRA-E membership (Volunteer)
margot.kuttschreuter [at]