Theme, aims and topics

The special theme of the conference is “Analysis and Governance of Risks beyond Boundaries

  • to emphasize that risks are able to travel through the virtual boundaries labeled as “regions”, “territories” and “countries”,
  • to promote recent scientific novelties in risk reduction and
  • to enhance inter-disciplinary approaches to develop new strategies in both evaluating and coping with well-known and less-known risks.

The special topics for the conference 2014 are:

  • Risk analysis and governance of major risks and catastrophic events
  • Risk perception at individual and institutional level
  • Risk communication and participation
  • International and cross-border collaborations in risk reduction
  • Anthropogenic risks
  • Safety and security issues
  • Evaluation of technological disasters triggered by natural hazards
  • Economic loss estimation and insurance
  • Risks on public health and food security
  • Outcomes of policies, regulations and governance of risks
  • Uncertainty and complexity of risks
  • New paradigms in risk assessment and risk reduction