SRA-E: DACHL Chapter Board

At this year’s SRA-E conference in Espoo (Finland), the general assembly of the DACHL-Chapter will be held. There are open positions as the regional chapter’s treasurer and officials to fill and we would like to invite all SRA-E members to apply for one of the positions.

The official voting procedures will take place during the general assembly of the DACHL-Chapter.

To apply for a position or to find out how you could be involved in the SRA-E: DACHL chapter, please contact Angela Bearth (


The current board of the SRA-E: DACHL chapter comprises:

Bernhard Streicher (president):

Angela Bearth (secretary, vice-president):

Christoph Böhmert (treasurer ad interim, vice-secretary):

Nadine Lages (student representative):

Luka Johanna Debbeler (student representative):

Josianne Kollmann (student representative):

Moritz Bielefeld (official):

Christoph Böhmert (official):

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