Pre-conference workshop on Interdisciplinary Risk Research

Update: Due to scheduling conflicts, Juliana Raupp will not be able to present in this workshop. Angela Bearth (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) will take over and present her insights regarding interdisciplinary projects.

Organized by the SRA-E: DACHL Chapter June, 23rd 2019, approx. 12:00

Target group: Young researchers in risk research, particularly from the DACHL-regions, but all other young researchers are welcome as well. The conference language will be English.

Risk research topics are mostly of a complex nature (e.g., innovative technologies, climate change). Therefore, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of risk, interdisciplinary research is needed and interdisciplinary research groups are common in the field of risk analysis. This is also visible in current proposal requirements for risk research.

At best, the work in such groups broadens the horizons and develops fruitful collaborations between single disciplines. In reality, especially young researchers struggle with the differences between disciplines, which often complicates communication, collaborative work, or the publication of interdisciplinary results.

This pre-conference workshop addresses the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary risk research. It aims to help young researchers to generate ideas for collaborations and provide examples of how to solve issues in interdisciplinary risk research.

Two experienced researchers who successfully lead such projects, will

  • give insights in their experiences with interdisciplinary groups,
  • give examples of successful projects which illustrate the value of interdisciplinary collaborations,
  • address challenges in daily work, publication of interdisciplinary results, or the set-up of research proposals.

Participants will have time to ask questions and develop and discuss own ideas for interdisciplinary projects in groups. The workshop closes with an informal get-together and some drinks with the aim of building a network between the participants.

The workshop participation is for free, but places are limited.

If you want to participate, please send an informal application e-mail to including your:

  • institution,
  • position,
  • focus area of research,
  • and three questions or topics which you like to discuss in the workshop.

The deadline for applications has been extended to May, 31st 2019. We look forward to your application!